Vintage NOS (New Old Stock) American and European tubes (valves) of the highest quality from the golden era of tubes. Also some Soviet cold war era tubes. NOS tubes for Hi-Fi audio, guitar and bass amplifier, antique radio and ham radio. We have RCA, Raytheon, TungSol, Realistic, General Electric and Sylvania. European brands like Amperex, Mullard, Marconi Osram, Lorenz, Brimar, Mazda, Triad, Chatham, Valvo, and Zaerix. Japanese manufacturers Toshiba, NEC, Matsushita and Hitachi. Our matched tubes are professionally matched by us. We use the new Maxi-Matcher 2, the Amplitrex AT1000 and other high quality testing equipment. Many of our tubes are tested using the trusted and newly calibrated TV-7D/U.

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