Michael N from Harts, WV

When I need tubes I look here first. Very very fast delivery, unbeatable prices, top notch communication.

Larry G

Good Value

As advertised and quick ship. Put these in my 1962 Super Reverb, biased them just a tad hot and they sound great.

Keith R

I have been trying to find everything I need do to my music playing from your site because of the quality and price let alone the speed of your delivery. So far you are at the top of my list. Thank you.  It’s good to know there are good businesses left in this day in age. Again, thank you


Good tubes, amp sounds great, thanks

Bought these tubes and put them in right away after setting the bias, started playing and was very impressed whit the sound of my amp.


matched 6L6GCs

this source matches these tubes very well…..I use a 1 ohm resistor on each cathode so you can read the voltage out put on them as milliamps directly…they were all within about 2 ma. of each other ! GREAT JOB ! …and no high frequency oscillations like some others I have in stock for my quad 100W… one more great item on my bucket list after about 50 years in the field in hobby fashion.