The 12AT7 tube is one of the common twin triode preamplifier tubes with the 9 pin EIA-9A wiring configuration. They are medium gain with a factor of around 60 mu. Use them to replace a 12AX7 in the first position of a preamp section to tame an overdriven amp. Other designation numbers include ECC81, 12AT7WA, 6201, 6211, 5965, E180CC, 7062, 6414, 6829, 6679, 7728, E81CC, ECC801S, TS65, CV4024, M8162, CV455, 6060, 7728, and A2900. Along with being used in preamp sections of HiFi and instrument amplifiers, they are also common as driver tubes for things like reverb and tremolo or for performing phase inversion in push-pull amplifiers. You’ll find a nice selection of US and European made 12AT7’s here. The best value is the Brimar CV4024 12AT7WA British Military spec tube.

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