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Mesa Boogie STR 430

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High grade¬† 6L6GC power tube made for Mesa by Sovtek. They’ll withstand the high voltages over 450V found in many amps. Suitable substitution for 5881 tubes.

Tested on a Roetest and matched with a Maxi Matcher 2

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3 reviews for Mesa Boogie 6L6GC STR 430 Power tube

  1. Michael F.

    This was an excellent tube recommendation for my early Mesa Boogie 2 channel Dual Rectifier

  2. rwtaylor2056

    450Vdc – no problem for these fine 6L6. Nice even sound also, great at all frequencies.
    Good looking as well. A real winner at the best price out there! You’ll be happy with these.

  3. Robert T.

    Heavy duty 6L6 easily handles high B+. Didn’t flinch at 450Vdc. Also sounds good, pretty neutral.

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